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New Boat Registration, Hunting, Fishing License System in Georgia

Published Feb 28, 2008

The Georgia Online Automated Licensing System (GOALS) is being updated, bringing welcome improvements to Georgia’s hunting, fishing and boating enthusiasts. The Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ Wildlife Resources Division (WRD) is adopting a real-time, Web-based license and boat registration system that will replace the current decade-old system housed on computer hardware that is no longer produced or repaired.

“The chosen vendor, Central Bank, is recognized as a data and financial expert who also serves many other states in the same capacity,” said Mike England, WRD Captain, License and Boat Registration Unit.  “They will operate the Georgia Automated License System including the sale of hunting and fishing licenses and boat registrations.”

The new boat registration system is expected to be available by the end of this summer and the hunting and fishing licensing system is expected to be available this fall.  This necessary system change will result in numerous improvements for the end-user.  One advantage is that customers will be able to purchase licenses in one of three ways:  walk-in sales, Internet sales and telephone sales. Telephone sales, unavailable for the last year, will be a major customer service advantage for purchasing licenses and renewing boat registrations. 
There are costs associated with the new system.  A new convenience fee will be applied to all transactions, either single or multiple.  During the first and second year, Internet sales of hunting and fishing licenses will add $2.75 as a convenience fee.  This fee reduces to $2.50 afterwards.  The convenience fee on telephone sales of licenses is $4.00 for year one, $4.50 for year two and $5.00 thereafter.  Boat registrations have an $8.00 convenience fee for Internet transactions and applications submitted by mail and $10.00 for telephone transactions.  Most DNR offices that sell licenses now will continue to serve Georgia sportsmen. The convenience fee applies to transactions of recreational licenses including lifetime licenses, honorary licenses and boat registrations.  Sales of commercial licenses will continue to be handled through DNR offices.   

The additional convenience fee goes directly to Central Bank to be used for operational costs of the new system and call centers.

Boat registrations and sales of hunting and fishing licenses provide key financial support for fish and wildlife conservation.   

For more information on the new boat registration and hunting and fishing license sales system, go to


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Mar 7, 2008 4:27pm [ 1 ]

Central Bank's operation is run from Missouri, and all processing will be done there. This will result in the outsourcing of Georgia's registration system and the lay off of more than a dozen employees, many who have worked for the state for years.

Ralph K Hendrix
May 22, 2008 7:09pm [ 2 ]

I still want to know how to register my boat online. I can't find a wbsite that works. Help

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