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Need a New Home? Follow Your Nose.

Published Jan 26, 2007
(Updated Jan 29, 2007)

Want to know the latest trend in real estate?
It’s not the new open floor plan or the designer faucets or even the trendy wall colors. No, it’s the smell. It very  well could be your nose that determines the next place you choose to call home. The role of scent is a huge factor when it comes to model homes for homebuilders, assisted living facilities and other dwellings that you want to spend a lot of time in.  Buying a new home is a very emotional purchase, and there’s a Suwanee-based business called Scent Air that’s conducted tests which indicate a 40% improvement in mood when people are exposed to pleasant fragrances.  ScentAir provides ‘aroma marketing’ for retailers, builders and others.
The Scent Air folks are on to something here, as they understand the cost and talent that goes into merchandising model homes to create environments that tap into customers’ subconscious minds -- drawing out feelings of comfort, well being, spaciousness, safety, luxury, romance and prestige.
So Scent Air has created branded scents for many hotels chains such as the Weston, Hilton and Omni, in addition to scenting retail spaces, restaurants and parks such as Disney World.  Scent Air provides over 1,500 scents like chocolate chip cookies, cinnamon buns or hot apple pie, and fresh-popped popcorn for home theatre rooms -- and even romantic scents such as Lavender Vanilla, Eucalyptus Mint and Island Breeze. 
DR Horton, K-Hovnanian, Beazer, Toll Brothers, Standard Pacific, Pulte Homes, Mattamy and Centex -- along with several other homebuilders across the nation -- are working with ScentAir to make their homes smell pleasant, banking on the notion that ‘the nose knows’ when it comes to home buying.  
ScentAir has received attention from national media outlets such as Forbes, USA Today and CNBC. If you want to know more about ScentAir, be sure to visit
ScentAir is located at 6775 Sterling Drive, Suite G, Suwanee, GA  30024; 866.SCENTAIR.

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